GROUPE BEAUTY ONE PARIS is a French company at the service of beauty slimming for 33 years.

encoche-rose 1985 : Creation of the company Sud Esthétique by Jean-François Olagnon.
Specializing in installation of aesthetic centers.

encoche-rose 1986 : Opening of the first slimming & beauty center in Valence (France).

encoche-rose 1988 : Franchise experience with development of 165 beauty & slimming centers PHYSIOMINS in more than 20 countries by Jean-François Olagnon.

encoche-rose 2003 : Sale of the brand and network PHYSIOMINS

encoche-rose 2006 : Jean-François Olagnon gives his son Gregory Olagnon the Sud Esthétique Society.

encoche-rose 2008 : Launching of RELOOKING Beauty Slimming, an accessible concept without entrance fees or royalties by Grégory Olagnon.

encoche-rose 2009 : Opening of the first pilot center RELOOKING by Grégory Olagnon.

encoche-rose 2010 : Opening of the first RELOOKING center on Trademark license by Grégory Olagnon.

encoche-rose 2010-2014 : Opening of more than 100 RELOOKING centers ; In 10 countries.
Opening Morocco, Hungary, Belgium, Caribbean, …

encoche-rose 2014 : Opening a pilot center in Paris 9ème for export development.

encoche-rose 2015 : Takeover of the brand PHYSIOMINS by Grégory Olagnon and launch of a new concept expert in global slimming with diet followed by a dietician. Opening of a PHYSIOMINS pilot center.

encoche-rose 2015: Development of the Business HIGH TECH AESTHETIC in France and abroad through a network of distributors.

encoche-rose 2016 : Further expansion abroad for RELOOKING Concept : more than 15 countries
Opening India, Algeria, Nigeria, Spain, Tunisia, Austria, Cost Ivory, Switzerland.

encoche-rose 2016 : Creation of the Groupe Beauty One Paris with the activities: RELOOKING Beauté Minceur, PHYSIOMINS Diététique & HIGH TECH AESTHETIC.