HTA Care

You want to get started in the beauty industry and flourish in a high-margin business?


On the beauty franchise market, the Beauty One Paris Group, with more than 33 years of experience, is launching a new HTA CRYO concept. This is a slimming concept trend by the cold, with no entry fee or royalties, which opens the doors of an inexhaustible market: thinness


Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary non-invasive cold method that will activate a natural lipolysis effect. The cooled adipose tissue causes a crystallization of fat stored in the cells which will induce a reduction of body fat and reshape the contours of the silhouette. The fat cells are reached and empty gradually in the weeks following the treatment



Thanks to a hands-free multi-zone cryo device, your centers can now offer cryo care with 4 heads to work simultaneously on several zones at the same time or on 2 people at the same time. This saves time in managing your cabins and improves your profitability.